We advise institutions, as a whole, in the areas that are related to the development of the companies and their people.

Our lawyers seek to integrate the needs of organizations, creating excellent labour relations and innovating with efficient and profitable solutions for the companies.

Labour Strategy and Compensation

We endeavor to familiarize ourselves with our client’s business models, philosophies, and management. We advise them when making strategic decisions that allow for the proper organization of labour relations, seeking to minimize risks, promote trust and enhance the internal economy of our clients.

Comprehensive Labour Advice and Public Affairs

We are specialists in building optimal labour relations according to the needs of the players and Chilean Case Law. Likewise, we advise organizations to understand, collaborate and adapt to the political, legislative, and regulatory agenda, actively participating in the public labour debate.

Due Diligence



We have extensive experience in due diligence and labour auditing, advising national and foreign companies on inclusion s, acquisitions, risk analysis, and highly complex matters.




We have recognized experience in highly complex legal defenses throughout Chile, continually working with the highest technical and ethical standards.

Trade Unions


We deliver practical and profitable solutions to promote dialogue with worker groups and a harmonious relationship within the organizations.

Collective Bargaining


We have been part of the largest collective bargaining processes in the country and the drafting of important collective labour agreements, continually representing the most prestigious companies that operate in Chile.

Immigration Issues, Inclusion And Labour Innovation


Society evolves and organizations must adapt with proper advice, which ensures respect and proper integration.

Training Work Teams


We provide tools and specific knowledge in labour matters so that our clients can efficiently carry out their goals and objectives.